5 Basic Steps for Using Moodle

Moodle can be used in just about infinite ways but these five steps in running a course (the basic unit of Moodle) are the base for novices and masters alike in any setting!

Let's repeat the five steps from the slides above: 

Step 1. Turn editing on
“Turn editing on” allows you to add, edit, change, delete things in your course. 
A magic button, but you need to have the right privileges to have it! 

Step 2. Select
Pick a resource, activity or block to suit your purpose.

Step 3. Set
Adjust settings. Most defaults are perfectly OK but learning about different options opens many ideas and possibilities. Classic moodling! 

Step 4. Build
Repeat steps 1 to 3 to build and change your course at any time. Each time, you will get better, faster and more versatile. 

Step 5. Be active
Best courses are based on active participation. Moodle is built for that. 
Change, adjust, comment, invite, listen, contribute, give feedback … be active! 

Last modified: Thursday, 7 November 2013, 9:15 PM