Download it yourself

Moodle is FREE to download, install, use, share and improve.

While you may not want to run a live server from your desktop PC, you can certainly download a copy of Moodle's setup file from to install on your computer as a standalone system for testing purposes.

This will install a webserver, a database server and the proper environment to support Moodle on your PC. Do let us know if you would a LIVE DEMO.


Have it hosted

Moodler.ME is our hosted virtual learning environment (VLE) solution designed to meet the needs of education establishments and SMEs who want flexible and robust learning management systems that are custom designed and configured to their specification.

Xelium provides a complete design and development service to produce a fully customised VLE for our clients and we also offer our clients the option of hosting the VLE with us on our server thereby providing them the necessary services to maintain and support the server and the end users.

Our solution enables organisations of all sizes to take advantage of a world leading open source learning platform without the hassle of maintaining one themselves. Find out more about it here [Moodler.ME]


Have it fully managed

Now that you have your VLE designed and hosted either with us on Moodler.ME or on your local server, why not take advantage of our Fully Managed Solution.

Our extensive support capabilities allow you to have access to experienced support professionals.

We provide email support for our clients to cover all those burning questions of “How do I do this on VLE?” to questions of a more technical nature. Other features of our Fully Managed Solution can be found here [Fully Managed Solution]


Last modified: Thursday, 7 November 2013, 9:15 PM